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Installation Artwork

Painted Cavern Exhibit in October 2014

The Painted Cavern was on display in October 2014 at the Community Arts Council of Kankakee County’s Art Center, at the Northfield Square Mall, in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Crafted by Jessica Kronika, KCC, PNCA, GSU and CCC alum, this illusion in space is a site-specific installation. Kronika uses everyday materials to build immersive spaces of soft sculpture, salt and electric light forms projected on cloth walls. The work, in its sixth incarnation since 2009, creates a space that mingles the technology of today with the ritual artistic immersion practiced by our prehistoric ancestors.

Join us in exploring the mystery. The installation was be constructed within the Center’s classroom space by the artist. The space was open to explore on Thursdays and Fridays October 17th through 31st.