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The Myth of Starchild
The Myth of Starchild

Original Size: 12x18
Original Sold, Prints Available
Silhouetta: Earthen Angel
Silhouetta: Earthen Angel

Original Size: 5x7
Original Sold, Prints Available
Large Water Wand (3 views)
Large Water Wand (3 views)

Original Size: 3x24x2
Original Sold, Prints Available

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Newsletter 2003

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January 2004 Dear Family, Friends, and Art Collectors,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. I got some much needed rest and visited with many friends and family members. It has been a full season. The year 2003 included many new and exciting challenges and a return to some unfinished projects.

I returned to college this last fall to finish my Associates degree in fine art. I currently have a 4.0 GPA. I produced my second poetry chapbook, Reflections, this fall. There are a few copies of the first book still available. Copies may be ordered for five dollars plus shipping. Christmas and Easter coloring books with removable pages are available for children and adults, for three dollars each. A wide variety of new post and greeting card images are available, including Perry Farm (part of the Bourbonnais Township Park District) landscapes, North American birds, and I am working on fairies of the woodland, for Easter release.

The Annual Halloween Art Exhibit is growing. This year was a new experience in art direction for me. We advertised with the Chicago Artist’s Coalition Newsletter and the Chicago Reader, and our very own website. We held the 5th Annual Halloween Art Exhibit at the Occult Bookstore and The House of Monsters, in the Flat Iron Arts Building, Chicago, IL. We are now trademarked, as of December 2003. We are moving to a larger site for the 2004 show, to better accommodate the increasing number of participants. We had 20 artists in 2003, including two performers and a couple of vendors. Our website will be updated during the early part of this year to include the new image gallery of our new participating artists and more details on the next show as available.

I participated in a number of shows in 2003. In April and May, I had a Spring display at the Kankakee Area YMCA, and an entry in the Fra Angelico College Student Spiritual Art Competition, hosted by Gallery 37, in Chicago, IL. I held the very first Open Studio in Kankakee, in June. I took a trip to Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas to visit my grandmother and paint en plein aire in July. Wayne Olson invited Scott Jackson and I to display our art at Trinity Lutheran Church’s Blues on the Green in September. I also displayed a small painting at the Gretchen Charlton Gallery’s Fall Invitational, at Provena Heritage House in Kankakee, IL. I displayed five new paintings and a selection of products for the 5th Annual Halloween Art Exhibit. The final show of 2003 was a Winter show at the Kankakee Area YMCA.

I am applying to The Annual State Collegiate Art Exhibit, to be held at Illinois State University. In January, I will display two photographs at the Gretchen Charlton Gallery’s Photography Show. A Spring show is planned for the Kankakee Area YMCA. I will show work from fall classes for the Kankakee Community College’s Spring Student Show. In May, I will have a solo show at the Occult Bookstore of my Beltane mythology paintings and drawings. The 6th Annual Halloween Art Exhibit will be in October at a site to be announced. Plans are in the works for a Winter Holiday show, possibly at the YMCA or another site. During the summer, I will host one or two Open Studio Days, when guests can attend a viewing of works and a social.

As always, I offer commissioned art. Custom designs to fit your idea are available. Framing and matting of your fine art is available. Face painting is available for your children’s birthdays or holiday parties. Personalized Greeting cards are a specialty of Fly’n Gypsy Arts™. I will create your original design and match it with appropriate poetry, greetings or quotes. Do you want a large portrait in oil or watercolor? Let me create that for you. Do your walls look blank? Let me design a large wall mural or decorative effect.

J. Lynn Kronika — Artist — Fly’n Gypsy Arts™

"Italian Restaurant": Murals and Tromp D’oeil for Lucia’s

Lucia’s: Outdoor Faux Finish with Exterior Paint
Outdoor faux finish with exterior paint.
Lucia’s: "Nighttime Landscape with Roman column"
Indoors: "Nighttime Landscape with Roman column"
Lucia’s: Collage Mural in the Deli
Collage Mural in the deli
Lucia’s: Indoor Faux Finish Collaboratively Created by Scott Jackson & J. Lynn Kronika
Indoor Faux Finish Collboratively Created by Scott Jackson & J. Lynn Kronika
Lucia’s: Column in the Waitress Station Hall
Column in the waitress station hall
Lucia’s: Collage Mural in the Deli
Trompe D’oeil Columns
Lucia’s: Dining Room — Trompe D’oeil Columns
Lucia’ Dining Room
In 2002, my collaboration with Scott Jackson brought me into the Chicago area. The first project was a marble faux finish on some wall inset columns in a condo. Then we completed faux finishing a large wall and hallway in a restaurant, called Taco Café. The final piece de resistance in our Wicker Park collaborations was a fine dining restaurant and deli called Lucia’s. I was brought in to create a 7 x 9 foot mural for the waitress station and hallway.

When I completed that, the owners asked me to create a tromp d’oeil of a column with vines for the rear of the hallway between the two bathroom doors. In the meanwhile Scott was working on his 17 x 12 foot mural of the Villa at Tivoli in the dining room. I was asked to continue the columns into the dining room. I completed a total of three columns there. Then the deli seating area was considered. I did hand lettering of the name, hours, and entrance location on the front and side doors. Scott and I completed a faux finish on the inner wall.

A month or so later, I received a call asking if I would be interested painting in a challenging modern mural. The task was to take the souvenirs of a trip to and through Italy and make a collage in paint. Along side this I painted a tromp d’oeil of a vegetable garland in a shape vaguely like the country of Italy. The collage includes train, aeroplane, and subway tickets, a blackboard listing train arrivals and departures in Italian, a street map of Rome including the Colosseum and the fountain at Trevi, which are pictured as photographs also, a list of things to do and places to see, and a conversion list of common foods in both English and Italian, all of which are available at the Lucia’s Deli.

This was a challenging, exciting set of interior decorations to create. I look forward to a similar project this Spring, some more tromp d’oeil columns for a condo near the city. These products are available for decorating your home, office, business, school or restaurant.

Annual Halloween Art Exhibit
The Annual Halloween Art Exhibit

Mission Statement: What is the Annual Halloween Art Exhibit?

This show features various art works based specifically on the Halloween theme as interpreted historically, and as a contemporary celebration. It is featured primarily on the weekends of October and closes with a sale the first weekend of November. We advertise through media promotions and direct mailing in the months preceding the opening. Our artisans are hand selected for their innovative and appealing approaches to the theme and their use of a wide range of mediums and formats.

Do you enjoy the spooky fun that October 31 brings? Imagine the satisfaction of participating in the Official "Halloween Art Exhibit"™. This show has taken place in the Flat Iron Arts Building for the last four years, three years in Studio #211 and starting last year at the House of Monsters. In the past four years, the Annual Halloween Art Exhibit has grown in audience and artist participation while steadily increasing in sales volume.

"Why?", you ask.

As a pop culture and a holiday, Halloween has a following of people who love to celebrate, decorate, participate, and who collect art and memorabilia of the tradition. To quote Cease Giddings of Folkworks Gallery in Evanston, from a recent article in a folk crafts magazine: "Halloween is the second most popular holiday for decorating - Topped only by Christmas for collectors and kids alike."

As a historic cultural affair, "Halloween" is the ethnic crossover from Ireland, Scotland and England to America. Originally known as Samhain, the ancient Celtic harvest festival, it was the time when the lord of the dead and the spirits of the deceased were remembered and honored. The holiday became "All Hallow’s Eve" (meaning holy eve) or "All Saints" in the 9th century when the Catholic Church made November 1st the day for remembering all of the saints. Irish settlers brought this holiday to America in the 1840s. Under the name "Day of the Dead", a similar holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico and much of the Americas. Its creepy connotations are a specifically American innovation. The tradition of creative fun is now an international holiday that continues to grow, mixing many diverse people for a variety of reasons.

This show appeals to a wide audience through the diversity of our marketable art in sizes from small to large. We seek artists working in a range of craft, graphic, and fine arts, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, greeting cards, and more.

In 1998, Mayor Richard Daley announced in the Office of Special Events press release on "Chicagoween", held at Navy Pier, his intention that Chicago be the "Halloween Capitol" of the world. We invite you to join our staff of professional artisans, illustrators and designers in taking Halloween to the ultimate concept in this historical, cross-cultural, and artistic event!

Chicago, IL — Artists of Chicago and suburbs or those planning on visiting the Chicago area in October are invited to submit art for the Fifth Annual Halloween Art Exhibit. We are currently accepting applications for the 2003 show. There is limited space in this exhibit so submit your materials today!

To request application and submission guidelines, contact Producer Scott Jackson by phone at 773-857-2172 or by email at Samhainart@aol.com.

Finding Flower-Face
A Classic Celtic Tale: Bloeduwedd

By J. Lynn Kronika

Bloeduwedd: "Flower Face" — ©2002 J. Lynn Kronika
Bloeduwedd: "Flower-face"
©2002 J. Lynn Kronika
The fickle fancy of fate cursed Llew Llaw Gyffes, to be born to an unwilling mother, Arianrhod, "Goddess of the Silver Wheel". His father, Gwydion, sometimes called "Druid of the Gods", found and harbored the child. Arianrhod, was furious at the invasion of her privacy, and denied the child a name or the right to bear arms. Gwydion tricked her into granting these maternal gifts. Gwydion set the child up to display his talents at archery for the goddess. She called him "he of the steady hand". In retaliation for the trickery, Llew was cursed by she who bore him to never have a human wife. His father again came to his rescue. Gwydion talked Llew’s uncle Math into helping him magically create a wife for the young man. She was formed from nine kinds of wild flowers, including meadowsweet, oak, broom, primrose and cockle. The magicians piled blossoms and shaped them to form "Flower-face" or Bloeduwedd.

She lived with Llew for a while, but chance brought trouble. One day while Llew was away, a hunter named Gronw Pebyr, Lord of Penllyn, passed near the window and Bloeduwedd saw him and fell madly in love with him. The two lovers schemed to discover the secret weakness, and only way of mortally wounding Llew Llaw Gyffes. The magical safeguard on his life was this: He could only be killed in a bath by the side of a river, under a thatched roof over a cauldron, while standing with one foot on a deer, by a spear that took a year to make. Bloeduwedd coaxed this information from Llew and when the circumstances were set she dared him to enact his own downfall and Gronw speared him. At the moment of his death, Llew became an eagle and flew off. Gwydion discovered Bloeduwedd's treachery and turned her into an owl... a symbol of the night and death. Llew was later rescued from his enchanted bondage by his father.

This tale is an explanation of several transformations in folklore and myth. The metaphor of a human soul becoming a bird upon death is a tale of reincarnation. The animal spirit being is a part of an otherworld recognizable but not understandable to man. The metaphor of the flower queen marrying the oak or holly king that he may fight the contender for his crown and become a sacrifice to the goddess, land , or Earth to ensure the harvest exists within the tale of marriage to and betrayal of Llew by Bloeduwedd. Correlations also exist between the characters of both Arianrhod and Bloeduwedd as Earth goddesses or Moon deities whose role was to decide the fates, and rule over the cycles of life and death.

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